Forms of financing your Home

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Banks have traditionally been the entities in charge of facing the need for financing, but with the economic crisis of recent years, the entities have considerably tightened the conditions for accessing their products. Nowadays, although they are beginning to relax, some payment guarantees are still required to lend money such as guarantees with properties, high income or that other people (guarantors) can pay in case the holder of the loan did not have enough capital.


Holiday apartments and rural houses in Andalusia


Rent of apartments and rural houses presupposes the fulfillment of diverse requirements and the inscription in the corresponding registry of your Autonomous Community. In the case of Andalusia, a distinction must be made between urban and rural vacation homes and, in any case, register in the vacation home registry of the Andalusian Government.


Reservation or arras contract


As already mentioned, this type of contract can be found when the purchase is made through a real estate agent. It is a complete and legally binding contract, so legal review and advice is recommended. When buying through a real estate agent, in many cases these contracts are presented directly by the agent. A legal review is even more important here because they have not detailed legal knowledge.


The notarial deed of purchase


For the purchase of the property to be registered in the Land Registry, it is necessary to conclude the purchase contract in the notary. For this purpose, a private purchase contract can be authenticated in the presence of both contracting parties, and the purchase contract can be added directly in a notarial deed.


The Due Diligence


With Due Diligence, a risk assessment is carried out with "due attention": The legal situation of the property and the possible risks are analyzed. This preliminary analysis plays an important role both in determining the value of the property and in the legal protection of the buyer.


The real estate purchase process

hauskauf01The sale of real estate in Spain can be done in a private document, through a private sale contract, or in a public document, through a public deed of sale in the notary. So that there are no unwanted surprises when buying, it is advisable to observe the following points.


Off-plan sale or under construction


One of the ways of acquiring a new home is the off-plan sale, in which the client contracts a construction project. A contract is signed between the developer and the client establishing the delivery terms, the quality of the materials and the payment terms. It's very important that there are granted the propper bank guarantee to the promoter.

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